R Kelly’s Song Streams Increase on Spotify After Surviving R.Kelly

By now, you have heard of R Kelly and the revelation of all the nightmare he has caused via the Lifetime docu-series Surviving R Kelly. While the docu-series has succeeded in “exposing” his relationship with Aaliyah, his serial child rape acts and the confessions of celebrities, it has also boosted his music (uh huh, we know right?!)

It turns out that people who had kept watch of the series had gone back to play his songs on Spotify (guilt trip? You thought we wouldn’t find out?)

Now, here is the thing: Spotify had announced in May 2018 that they were no longer interested in having Kelly’s songs on their playlist because of the accusations of “hateful conduct”. They soon soft-pedalled after that when a fans accused them of using Kelly as a scapegoat and not other celebrities who have been accused of same.


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