Moroccan Court Charges Salafi Abdelhamid Abounaim for Inciting Violence

Sheikh Abdelhamid Abounaim

The Court of First Instance in Ain Sebaa, Casablanca, adjourned the hearing of Salafi Sheikh Abdelhamid Abounaim, suspected of inciting murder, on Thursday, until January 24.

The Central Bureau of Judicial Investigation (BCIJ) heard Abdelhamid Abounaim, who was charged with terrorism, making death threats and apostasy charges, before bringing the case to the Casablanca court.

Abounaim called Moroccan activist Ahmed Assid an “apostate” after Assid said that verses of the Qur’an regarding armed jihad do not apply to modern times.

“We are against terrorism, subversion, and corruption,” Abounaim said in a Facebook video showing him leaving the court. “The greatest wrong is insulting the prophet, the sharia, and attacking religion.”



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