More pumps brought in to lower Benoni dam level

The executive mayor of Ekurhuleni, Clr Mzandile Masina, visited Middle Lake Dam in Benoni on Thursday. Photograph: City of EkurhuleniThe lowering of the level will help to avoid the complete disastrous collapse of the spillway.

Six siphon suction pumps are being enlisted to further lower the dam level at the Middle Lake Dam in Benoni, reports Kempton Express.

This operation will start as soon as the pumps are in place. Following the lowering of the dam, work will start to remove the damaged concrete slab and compacting the voids underneath the spillway.

While this is a temporary measure, it is expected that it will take a number of months to complete the refurbishment of the spillway.

A well-coordinated joint operation between all spheres of government, which includes local, provincial and national government has helped so far to avoid a catastrophic disaster that would have cost lives and serious damage to the infrastructure following the caving in of part of the spillway at Middle Lake Dam.

The executive mayor of the City of Ekurhuleni, Mzwandile Masina, moved to establish an inclusive joint operation after the city was alerted of the imminent danger at the dam on December 23.

The joint operation committee (JOC) is made up of experts from key departments in the City of Ekurhuleni, Gauteng department of agriculture and rural development, the provincial and national departments of water and sanitation, and Rand Water.

Since the incident was reported, the JOC managed to divert the water at the onset, then moved to deploy seven suction pumps to reduce the dam level.

The lowering of the dam level will help to avoid the complete collapse of the spillway, which would lead to massive, disastrous flooding. The lowering of the dam level will assist in allowing engineers access to the damaged slab for repairs.

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The roads around the Middle Lake Dam, including the on- and off-ramps to the N12 via Tom Jones Road and Bunyan Street, will remain closed while the operation is under way.

During Masina’s inspection visit on Thursday, he pleaded for patience from all parties.

“This is a necessary operation to avert a major disaster. We are calling on the people of Ekurhuleni to exercise caution and be patient. Once the siphon suction pumps are in place, road usage will resume.”

He also asked members of the public to steer clear of the operational area, as this could pose a danger to them and impede officials on site while disrupting operations.


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